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Capacity 3000 litres
Diameter 1460mm
Wall Height 1820mm
Overall Height 2000mm

Ex-Factory Pickup Price     $569

Delivered Metro/Peninsula $619

Value Package $759
Includes 3000L Tank w 10 Year Warranty,
Metro / Peninsula Delivery,
370W 30L/Min Jet Pump w 12 Month Warranty

Premium Package $919Includes 3000L Tank w 10 Year Warranty,
Metro / Peninsula Delivery,
850W, 58 L/Min ALKO Jet Pump inc Hydrocontrol Pressure Switch & 2Yr Warranty,
Matching Pump Cover,
Connection Kit

Rain/Mains Package $1289
Suitable for House Connection/Toilet Flushing 

Includes 3000L Tank w 10 Year Warranty
Metro / Peninsula Delivery,   
Zenox ZHR-800 Rain/Mains Controller 2Yr Warranty,
Matching Pump Cover

Tank is available in all popular colours



















Important Information. 

We manufacture tanks locally from quality materials using state of the art technology. The plastic materials have superior (UV20) protection against UV deterioration and comply with Australian standards (AS/NZS:4766 Food Contact and AS4020 Potable (drinking) water).

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