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Who Is Tank Heaven?

Tank Heaven is a trading name registered to GHP Manufacturing Pty Ltd, an established engineering and plastics moulding company located in the Melbourne suburb of Seaford Victoria. As well as water tanks, GHP produces a variety of other products including quality critical fuel tanks for various applications.

Are the water tanks manufactured locally?

Yes. The tanks are made right here in our factory in Seaford Victoria.

What material are the water tanks made from?

Water Tanks are manufactured in food grade UV resistant polyethylene. The materials used meet the exacting requirements of Australasian standards for products in contact with drinking water and food.

In which Colours are the Tanks Available?

The Water Tanks are available in the following Colorbond TM colours:
Mist Green, Rivergum, Heritage Green, Beige, Merino, Smooth Cream, Wheat, Jasper, Heritage Red, Slate Gray, Bluestone, Mountain Blue, Black, White. Other colours may be available on request.

Can I see the Tanks before I Buy?

You can view the water tanks at our showroom, 75 Hartnett Drive, Seaford Vic from 7.30am to 4.30pm Mon-Fri.

What is the delivery time for water tanks?

We carry a number of models of round water tanks and slimline water tanks in various colours in stock for immediate pick up or delivery. If we don’t have the particular size or colour of water tank you require in stock, we would normally manufacture more within 5-8 working days.

Can you arrange delivery, and at what cost?

We have shown both the ex-factory and delivered prices on this website. Ex factory, means the price applicable when the water tanks are picked up from our factory in Seaford. The delivered price includes delivery throughout the Melbourne metro area and the Mornington Peninsula. We can quote you for water tanks deliveries to other areas.

What Warranty is offered on Water Tanks?

GHP Tank Heaven offers a realistic 10-year written warranty on all water anks sold. A copy of the water tank warranty document is available on request.

How can I pay for my Water Tank?

COD:     You can pay the driver on delivery by cash, bank cheque or personal cheque subject to prior arrangement.
PICK UP:    If you pick up a tank, you can pay by cash, cheque or credit card (VISA/Mastercard).
PHONE:   You can pay over the phone using your credit card (VISA/Mastercard).
PREPAYMENT:    You can prepay by cash, cheque, bank transfer to our account or credit card over the phone.    
A 20% deposit is requested at time of placing order.

What Fittings are Included with each Water Tank?

The following fittings are supplied with and included in the price of each tank:
Leaf Strainer        (Fitted to the top of the water tank as inlet for down pipe from your roof)
Overflow Fitting    (90mm fitting for connection back to stormwater with 90mm PVC pipe)
Threaded Outlet    (1 inch BSP (25mm) fitting positioned near the bottom of the water tank for connection to tap or pump.

What is the Position of the Water Tank Fittings?

Round Water Tanks:    Leaf strainer is fitted to top centre of tank. Overflow fitting is fitted at top of tank to one side. Threaded outlet is fitted approx 50mm from bottom of tank at 3 O’Clock in relation to overflow.

Slimline Water Tanks:    Leaf strainer is fitted to top centre of tank. Overflow fitting is fitted at top of tank at one end. On 1700 Litre Tank, threaded outlet is fitted approx 50mm from bottom of tank at opposite end to overflow. On 2500 Litre Tank, a threaded outlet is fitted approx 50mm from bottom of tank at each end. A nylon plug is inserted in the unused outlet.

Note: Position of fittings may be changed on request.

Any Other Questions?

Feel free to give us a call 03 9786 1511


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